Off-topic movie review: Just Go With It

Just Go With It is pretty much the devlin if you need a guide on avoid the censors and an “R” rating.

The tactic goes like this:

  1. early in the movie, substitute the bad word with an innocuous one.
  2. In the scene where the word swap takes place, run through the joke with the characters (and the audience) several times to make sure everyone gets it.
  3. Use the swapped word throughout the movie and the audience will automatically make the connection and giggle.

In Just Go With It, we replaced the “S” word, which for some reason, Jennifer Aniston’s son does a lot, with “Devlin,” a character we surprisingly meet later. Having the substituted word be an actual character works on another level. Now, the word not only means a bodily function, but that bodily function becomes a trait of the character.

And hilarity ensues.

Yeah ... right ...

Part 2: Just Go With It is not only the title of the movie, but the audience is to “just go with” the idea that Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will actually end up together (oops, spoiler).

At different times, then, we are to believe that Aniston has found romance with Sandler, Vince Vaughan (The Break-Up), and Ben Stiller (Along Came Polly). Hmmm … and suddenly I’m beginning to question her taste in men.

  • (Note: This, of course, works on the assumption a pairing with Jim Carrey is totally acceptable and not to be questioned. This also works on the assumption that Sandler-Brooklyn Decker pairing is acceptable. Hey, just go with it …)

The pairing of such a good-looking woman with these guys is, of course, the strength of Aniston: her on-screen roles give hope to us trolls in the audience.

Part 3: Lastly, as with most Sandler movies, the soundtrack is superb. Deep cuts of The Police and the fresh mashups keep the movie going. The Police-Snow Patrol mashup (above) particularly stands out, as does the one with Rihanna and General Public (below). I believe there were a few more, but, alas, I can’t remember them. By the way, you can get those two mashups (and more) here.

My mind is stuck on the whole Aniston taste in men thing … but that’s probably a little off-topic …

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