John Cusack, verb

So, I was reading the DC Comics one-shot Jimmy Olson the other day (don’t judge), when, right there on page 8, this popped up:

The phrase “cusacking all over our very nice, every expensive V.I.P. table” immediately caught my attention. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it (and, yes, in case you’re wondering, I googled it).

Congratulations, John Cusack, you’re now a verb.

It’s a very significant thing, this verb status. After all, becoming an adjective is one thing. Pop culture is rife with people becoming descriptors, for instance:

  • “pulling a Homer” means you’ve bumbled something;
  • “going all Jack Bauer on someone” means you will beat them senseless, usually involving torture (see also: Chuck Norris);
  • and, of course, “I’m feeling like a piece of Shatner,” is really just another way of saying “poop” while invoking the name of one of the greatest living actors of our time.

But those describe or replace something else. “To cusack” (or “cusacking,” as it is used) is something entirely different, it’s an action that stands by itself.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

I cusack; You cusack; He, She or It cusacks.We cusack, They cusack.

And that’s just the present tense. You can do the others on for homework. You should also use it three times today, so it will become a permanent part of your vocabulary.

But what does “to cusack” mean? How’s this definition:

“To mope and, amid one’s depression, to wax poetically about the state of one’s love life and/or the plight of humanity and/or the state of the world. Usually accompanied by either the wearing of a black (or old-school punk) t-shirt and/or a rain coat. A person who cusacks is likely to make a mix tape.”

So, thank you DC Comics for expanding the English language, and, in so doing, memorializing the state of the American male, ages 17 (Better Off Dead) to 29 (High Fidelity) and beyond (Hot Tub Time Machine)


2 thoughts on “John Cusack, verb

  1. Wow, wasn’t what I got at all. I got a couple of hits from the Urban dictionary (Here they are edited) .
    1: Code word for a quarter ounce of marijuana.
    I have to go pick up John Cusack. (Q-sack)
    2: Cusacked: When you date a girl for four years and she still won’t have “realations” with you.
    Man that girl totally Cusacked me.

  2. I googled it, too. I found this page. I agree with your thinking because I’m a child of the 80s, and Jimmy Olsen was definitely moping like in “Say Anything” or “Better off Dead”, or…

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