Distractions: ‘The Johnny Cash Project’

If you haven’t seen The Johnny Cash Project lately, take some time to do it.The project, which was featured in this CNN story, is a collection of digital art frames created by users and set to the Johnny Cash song “Ain’t No Grave.”

The beauty of the project is its evolution.

The video changes each day as users create new frames. The frames are created on the site and require little or no experience to use (though, I would say, the more experienced you are at a program like Photoshop or Illustrator, the more realistic [or abstract] you can make your frame.

Seeing as I have little experience with either, I’m left with the above frame.

Viewing the video is an evolutionary experience, too, with options for seeing the music set to the highest-rated slides, director-curated slides, most brushstrokes per frame, most recent, random, pointillism, sketchy, or abstract frames.

Choosing a frame can take time, but that’s part of teh fun.

So, as you sit there during the work day wanting to look busy, here’s your opportunity.

This seems like a unique way to keep an artist’s memory alive. With that in mind, what other artsits/songs should get a public art treatment?


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