Off-topic movie review: The Fighter

Saw the Academy Award-winning movie The Fighter recently and a few thoughts rolled through the old noggin’:

  • Like, why do we make fun of people from the South, when there are obviously the same stereotypes everywhere?
  • Or, Why is Christian Bale overacting? … Then, there’s the clip at the end of the movie showing the guy Bale was playing. Then you realize he nailed it.
  • Mmmmm, mall hair …

But, most of all, the thought that rolls around the noggin’ is this:Micky Ward’s mom is the devil. Can we call her a (excuse the language) “bitch”? There’s a part of me that lives under an equal rights umbrella that cringes as the word is typed.

I’m sorry your mom’s a female dog, Micky.

But that word, the WORD … On the one hand, the word is soaked with chauvenistic overtones. Why are strong women characters typically saddled with it? If it were an overbearing, manipulating, controlling father instead of a mother, would he be as hated?

Well … I think so.

So, if I can equally hate overbearing male and female characters, shouldn’t I be free to use proper words to describe it?

Shouldn’t we celebrate the fact that we live in a society that we can treat women characters with an equal amount of hatred that we’d give their male counterparts? Hasn’t society evolved enough to do that?

But … looking at it … that doesn’t feel right either.

After all, what’s the male counterpart to that word? Hmmm …

Meanwhile, the movie rolls on at a somewhat predictable pace. He gets the girl. He wins the title.

And I’m still trying to think of a word … Bastard? No, that’s not quite it …

Welcome to male guilt in the 21st century.

But that’s probably a little off-topic.


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