Life imitates art?

Been working through The Incredible Hulk, Season 1, recently, and came across episode 11, “Earthquakes Happen.”

It’s the episode where David poses as a nuclear inspector in order to get to close to state-of-the-art gamma ray equipment. During his time at the nuclear facility, an earthquake happens and the  plant almost goes to meltdown.

Sound familiar? Except for the “David” and “gamma ray” parts, that pretty much seems like the scenario in Japan. Of course, you’d have to add “tsunami” in there somewhere.

So, what’s the point? This, obviously, isn’t a case where life imitates art, is it? Does The Incredible Hulk foretell the future?

The point is that the episode ran in 1978. Are you telling me that in 33 years we have no further technology to minimize such a danger? What have we been doing with all that time and money and resources?

Oh … yeah, I forgot … Twitter.



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