Thrift store find: Honey Bunch & Norman

Found these two little gems at a library book sale for 25 cents each.

I know nothing of Honey Bunch (or Norman, for that matter), but you can tell just by looking at them they are circa the Grosset & Dunlap Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins era.  Looking at the publication matter, Honey Bunch and Norman Visit Beaver Lodge (Vol. 6) has a copyright date of 1956.  Honey Bunch and Norman Visit Reindeer Farm (Vol. 7) has a copyright date of 1958, though it was originally published (sans Norman) in 1953.

The “find” in the mix, to me, is the dust jacket, though according to this site, dust jackets are not as rare as picture covers.

What I like about these books is that it hearkens back to a different, though I believe vital, time in America. It was a time when “adventure” didn’t involve space aliens or exotic technology. I plan on forcing these (along with the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew) on my kids as soon as their old enough.

Does anyone know about Honey Bunch? Have you read them? What can a person expect?


4 thoughts on “Thrift store find: Honey Bunch & Norman

  1. i read the honeybunch and norman books as a little girl! i want to find some at the thrift store too lolol what to expect is a wonderful read for a child. honeybunch and norman and the painted pony is the one i remember the most. i have a huge book collection but i think my honeybunch and norman books got lost in life and moves. the illustrations are wonderful as you can see. lucky you. i dont know if they are worth $ but they are irreplaceable if lost to time.

    • Thank you for sharing this memory!

      I think these books are something that my kids and I can read together and it be a rich sharing experience.

  2. I was born in 1931 and grew up loving the Honey Bunch books. I likely read most of them as they were published during my childhood years. They were remarkable for motivation and fun and doing the right thing and I so wished I still had them and cannot remember whatever happened to them! I doubt such valuable books for children are written today! My mother, thankfully, saw to it that I always had good books available.

    • Thank you for writing and commenting! What a wonderful legacy to have had books around the house. My mom was the same way and now I keep a lot of books around.

      Thank you for sharing!

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