No Oscar for Two Men

What do Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Joel and Ethan Coen have in common?

Going oh-fer on Oscar night. Each of the filmmakers were shut out on Oscar night despite having 10 or more nominations.

The brothers’ True Grit had 10 nominations, winning none. Ouch. 0-10

Scorsese’s Gangs of New York also went 0-10 in 2003. Spielberg’s The Color Purple went 0-11 in 1986. A fourth film, The Turning Point (1978) also went 0-11.

So … if you’re looking for a weekend film festival, there’s an intriguing lineup.

So why did this happen to the Coens? A strong field? Better marketing? Popularity? Here’s 10 reasons why the Coen brothers were blanked in the 2011 Oscars.

  1. Jeff Bridges already won an Oscar (and it was just the previous year)
  2. People have a hard time remembering Hailie Satterpelt Sattinfeld Stenfeld Steinfeld. (But not for long.)
  3. People are still upset that Brad Pitt went out early in Burn After Reading.
  4. That whole Roderick Jaynes thing.
  5. The Ralph Nader effect: Bridges’ work in both True Grit and Tron: Legacy split the vote in sound editing.
  6. The Academy regrets the whole John Wayne gimme.
  7. We can’t be bothered by True Grit because we’re still trying to figure out the allegorical meaning of the opening scene in A Serious Man (heck, some of us are still processing Barton Fink!)
  8. There’s some secret anti-Deakins movement afoot.
  9. A guy wearing a bear rug? Really?
  10. Speech impediments trump eye patches. Every time.

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