Off-topic movie review: Tron: Legacy (redux)

Saw Tron: Legacy again last night in the cheap theater. Although the movie has already been the subject of an off-topic review, there were some more thoughts swimming in the old noodle.

First off, it seems that someone missed a licensing opportunity by not producing trading cards. The original Tron trading set is still actively bought and sold, so it would make sense that there would be interest in the sequel.

The fact that is wasn’t speaks to two things:

  • the high price of licensing, and
  • the dismal state of non-sport trading cards.

<Insert sound of nerd sighing here>

Secondly, did everyone catch the Apple computer on the son’s desk in the opening scenes? The computer is either this one:

(a Macintosh SE, produced from 1987-1989), or it’s this one:

(the Macintosh SE FD, produced from 1989 to 1990).

Since the scene is set in 1989, it could theoretically be either, although to be the SE FD was introduced in late 1989, so it would’ve had to be brand spanking new. One could speculate that the model in the movie is older than either of these two models (the Macintosh Plus in 1986 for example), but the movie computer seemed to be a beige model, which would eliminate those options.


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