Judging a book by its covers

Came across this little gem this weekend. This is why growing up in the 1970s and 1980s rocked.

Can you imagine an equivalent comic line today? Modern Family? How I Met Your Mother? (Although, I did find this Big Bang Theory mock cover.)

Can you imagine a 7- or 8-year old reading one of those? Can you imagine the uproar? But, obviously, disrespectful inner city kids and a wisecracking teacher were no problem for the 1970s. At least for 10 issues.

But what really makes the fuzzy comic memory worth it is the BACK of the book:

Oh … Em … Gee!

I actually had one of those things and I have nothing but fond memories (fuzzy as they are) of it. There were three things that made this the perfect toy for a little boy (or girl):

The gyro made obscene amounts of noise (it needed the energy to make it over the shag carpeting).

The Evel Knieval figure was rubbery and would barely stay on the bike.

But, most of all, it didn’t matter if the bike actually made the jump or crashed — Evel taught us that either one was a success!

In my fuzzy memory, I remember trying to jump Steve Moody’s clay ditch (the one that G.I. Joe so often attacked/defended. Sigh.

What’s great about the commercial for the toy is the fact that the big finish is an actual crash. This is one toy where staying upright could be seen as a failure.



2 thoughts on “Judging a book by its covers

  1. Between my brother and I, we had the entire set. That was awesome building ridiculous ramps to make EK jump. The chopper in particular, was very prone to crashes. The one in the commercial moved unnaturally, perhaps a little movie magic going on.

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