Dobby is Harry Potter’s Ensign Smith

What does Harry Potter’s brave little Elfin friend Dobby have to do with red-shirted Ensign Smith? They both die. Oops, spoiler.

Watching the fate of Dobby in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows made me think of poor Ensign Smith on Star Trek.

It also inspired this top 5 list.

Top 5 signs your lesser-known character may not make it through the whole movie:

  1. Your character gets asked to go through a time warp/beaming process with the main characters.
  2. Your character finally gets accepted into the “in” group.
  3. When a main character is in extreme danger (and your character just so happens to stand next to him/her)
  4. Your character has a difference fashion sense than the main characters.
  5. The character appears, out of the blue, at either the 20-, 60- or 90-minute mark

What are some other signs?


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