A new ugly?

Maybe I should comb my hair ...

Remember that whole “Ugliest Shoes in the Closet” deal from a few days ago? Well, those shoes may have a run for their money with this pair blue sequined Converse One-Star from Target (for about $8.75).

What is it about Converse and their “unique” shoes?

Before you jump to any conclusions, let’s clear a couple things up:

  1. Yes, I realize these probably ARE women’s tennis shoes, and
  2. No, I don’t care.

I imagine being a guitarist on a band and these are my stage shoes.

Now … let’s imagine “stage” being “real life” and “guitar” being “briefcase.” Which brings me to the third thing I need to clear up:

3.  No,  haven’t worn them in public. Yet.

Now it’s your turn. Comment on the ugliest (or uniquest) shoes you own.


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