Free mp3: Over the Rhine

Amazon has “The Laugh of Recognition,” a free mp3 from the new album by long-time critical faves Over the Rhine.

Over the Rhine has been one of the workhorses in the music scene, always bubbling close to the surface but never seeming to break over the top. And yet they continue on.

I saw the band at some nameless/faceless music festival in Georgia one year (it’s a fuzzy memory). It was the first time I saw The 77s and, if I remember correctly, LSU, Vigilantes of Love and The Violet Burning (Michael Pritzl was either wearing a dress or black-and-white striped leggings … or both). There was a band, Sunday Blue, whose initial release I reviewed for the now-defunct Notebored magazine, and whose lead singer/founder/guitarist Drue Bachman (who later went on to start My Friend Stephanie) I befriended. They were from South Carolina and I think I still have a tie-dyed Sunday Blue t-shirt.

Anyway, I said all that to say, Over the Rhine was there, and they’ve been grinding out the road and Ohio for years and years. It’s one of those bands you “should know” so you can slyly drop in conversations with people who like to drop obscure band names.

And you know who you are. So get this song, so you can match wits with those pretentious indies nobs.

Anyway, here’s my favorite Over the Rhine song, from Flevo Festival in the last century. In a word: sensual.


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