Whose arm is that?

OK, so I came across season 1 of that 1980s cop candy show 21 Jump Street at Walmart (don’t judge).

It was only $2.50. That’s right, it wasn’t even enough to sit in the $5 bin.

So, I’ve been making my way through it. It’s pretty typical Stephen J. Cannell quality (that’s not a bad thing). The plots are the same as anything you’d see today, just the language (and violence) has changed.

One thing that took me off guard, though, was the closing credits. What the heck is up with this disembodied arm with a man-hand and dominatrix-inspired red fingernails at the end?

Looks a little creepy. I mean, it’s just an arm turning the page of a yearbook, but, still … creepy.

What do you think?


One thought on “Whose arm is that?

  1. When you said disembodied arm, for some reason, I was thinking severed arm. It was a little creepy none the less. Hey speaking of creepy, my youngest asked me if we are going to see Roomate. Looks like a lame copy of SWF, just sayin.

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