Why couples don’t talk

“Aww, look at the couple over there …”

“They haven’t said one word to each other …”

“I’m never going to let that happen …”

“That’s just so sad …”

We’ve all seen them. They’re the couple that sits quietly in an otherwise upbeat restaurant. They don’t seem to talk. They sit expressionless as time passes them by. They don’t seem to be happy.

It’s natural to feel pity for them … especially if you are young, childless and don’t know any better. You people just don’t understand, but here’s the truth: Children ruin the traditional conception of date night.

Before you shove this couple straight out of Chili’s and into divorce court, consider an alternative reality:

This couple has small children. This couple is exhausted. They love each other. They love their family. They also love the fact that they are in the natural world. They are perfectly content to sit there, in each others’ presence, and let the noise of the natural world splash over them.

Just for a bit they don’t have to hear about nuggets and fries.

Just for a bit they don’t have to help color.

Just for a bit they don’t have to tell someone to use their inside voice.

Just for a bit they don’t have to pick up stray forks or Hot Wheels or napkins or binkies off the floor.

Just for a bit …

So, next time you see this couple, don’t pity them. Just nod knowingly and let them have their peace.


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