Sign of the Apocalypse #437

Nothing personal against the kid, but, really, this has got to be a sign of something, right?



2 thoughts on “Sign of the Apocalypse #437

  1. Wait a minute. I’d like to see a shot by shot comparison between Never Say Never, and This is it. You may have noticed the first similarity, three word title. They are both about a singer. Both include concert footage and rehearsals. Both include interviews and screaming fans. To answer your question, Bieber is going to die, or is already dead. Either that, or a copycat. PS. wouldn’t it be something if he was the living breathing Damian Thorn character from the Omen?

    • So, you’re saying that Michael Jackson is reincarnated into Justin Beiber?!?!

      And Justin Beiber carries the Mark of the Beast?!?!


      Thanks for the insight!

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