Some help with lyrics

So I’ve been listening to this album Some Stay by Sacred Spirits and I don’t know why, but I keep replaying the final song, “Coma.” The lyrics seem cool and all, but I’m having some trouble deciphering some of them at the end.

Can you help out? I think I’ve got most of it, but I could sure use another set of ears.

Here’s what I got so far:

The farther I get / the more confused I get

I’m already irrelevant

So I keep my thoughts / to myself

If I get to Heaven / I don’t know what I’d do

When I realize I’ve died / I might … cry*

And if I’m not talking / It don’t mean I’m not thinking

And when I’m not crying / It don’t mean I’m not breathing

And if I am dying / it don’t mean I’m not living

And when I’m not wishing / It don’t mean I’m not dreaming

I’m going to sleep …

OK, the last line is where I kind of get lost.

Get the album for free here.

* To me, this is the funniest, most insightful line of the song.

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