Lebowski Fest Tampa Poster

I’m kind of late to the party here, but the great thing about this Lebowski Fest Tampa (February 25 & 26) is that it combines two great Coen Brothers’ movie.

The Big Lebowski Valkyrie is obvious, but what really geeks me out is the setting, which hearkens back to one of my top-five, desert-island movies: Barton Fink.

See the resemblance?

Barton Fink hit me at just the right time. I was in my first apartment, living on my own for the first time (which, obviously, mean HBO) and this movie was so weird, so quirky, so different, I just knew it had to mean something. I mean, “I’ll show you the life of the mind!” just drips with meaning, doesn’t it? Right?

Maybe not to you … but to me, it applied to nearly everything. Ever had a movie hit you like that?

Anyway, back to the poster. This art was designed by one Bill Green, who was one of our first subjects of a 5 Question Friday. He’s a good man. And thorough.


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