Fuzzy memory: Neil Young & Pearl Jam

I remember watching the MTV Music Awards when this Neil Young/Pearl Jam collaboration first happened (1993, according to this site, which chronicles the relationship).

I sat with my mouth agape, thinking, “Sheesh, that old guy Neil Young is rocking circles around those young guys!” It was then that I realized that Neil Young represented a generation of rock and roll that will never happen again.

Looking at it all these years later, my opinion hasn’t changed. He still makes those guys look like they’re posing in slow motion.


One thought on “Fuzzy memory: Neil Young & Pearl Jam

  1. I didn’t see this when it originally aired, but I was amazed the first time I saw it.
    That was almost 18 years ago, so if he was an old guy then the fact that he’s still rocking out now is even more impressive again. But it’s his longevity that makes him this awesome. Also the mutton chops.
    I had the great opportunity to see him in concert last year and it was amazing. He was probably more energenic than he is in that video.

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