Off-topic movie review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Math

This cutie little movie is a win for nerds everywhere. I especially liked that they bypassed most of the whole “portals through the brain” stuff that kind of dragged out the six-volume graphic novel.

However, the movie does force us to get on board with a few theoretical assumptions.

For example, we’re expected to believe that Ramona Flowers dated BOTH the Human Torch and Max Fisher and then, remarkably, ended with George Michael Bluth. (Granted, Max Fisher and George Michael may be on a more level playing field than at first glance … except for the whole indie film vibe vs. the indie television vibe …)

And, the movie opens up the question of how Ramona Flowers would hold up with Scott’s evil exes, namely, Juno.

Granted, Ramona seems a little tougher, but Juno has a few things going for her:

  • she’s scrappy,
  • it’s tough to mess with a baby-mama, and,
  • she eventually becomes a roller derby queen.

And if I know anything, it’s that roller derby queens are tough as nails.


One thought on “Off-topic movie review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

  1. I almost did a Scott Pilgram vs. the World and Kickass double feature on pay per view, but SPVTW had it all, or was that a little bit of everything?

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