Off-topic movie review: Tron: Legacy

OK, here’s the deal: I only saw the first Tron in early December and it was a struggle to get through. The kind of struggle that made me question whether I wanted to see the new movie in the first place.

That’s not good, is it?

I mean, I could see how influential the original Tron was. I could definitely see how it influenced The Matrix. And now, after watching Tron: Legacy, I can see how The Matrix has repaid the influence.

It all comes down to imperfections. Aberrations. It’s the imperfection that defines perfection. Without imperfect models, how do we know what perfection is? We define it by what it is not.

So that’s Tron: Legacy. That and a father-son tale. And a heaping helping of Dudeism.

If The Big Lebowski sets Dudeism in motion, Tron: Legacy seems to be Dudeism’s letters to the Epistles … except more entertaining.

It was good, better than I expected. However, it is NOT worth paying the extra for 3D. Especially when, at the beginning of the film, a graphic pops up and says “Most of this film was shot in 2D.”

The should have just said something like: “If you are wearing 3D glasses right now, you are a sucker. Thank you.”


3 thoughts on “Off-topic movie review: Tron: Legacy

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  2. From the clip I just viewed here (thanks) it seemed like a trip back in time to the ’80’s. The best these people can do is play some kind of game? At least Keanu had an apartment and ate out on occasion. Think I’ll pass.

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