Is it time to re-think “Watchmen”?

Target last week had the DVD of Watchmen for $4.50. Since I’ve loaned my bootleg out to “I-have-no-clue,” I went ahead and got a legal one.

Besides, I thought, maybe 18 months is enough distance between my opening-night experience (where, in a full theater, I “watched” [read: averted my eyes from] a sex scene with my father next to me … I’m still going to counseling on that one!) and the actual quality of the movie.

So, is it time for me to re-consider Watchmen?

I mean, in theory, the movie looks great. Rorschach is “Little Man Syndrome” taken to its logical end. The soundtrack is still top notch. The ingredients are there.

But, after taking two days (and two naps) to finish it, I got my answer.

No. It’s still too early.


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