Hello, old friend

Listening to the promos of Fox’s new animated show Bob’s Burgers and I heard one of the greatest voices of all time: Coach McGuirk.

The ultimate stud

Now, I realize that you can’t say it’s Coach John McGuirk (it’s really H. Jon Benjamin), but his character has left an indelible mark on my heart ever since I saw him on Home Movies oh so many years ago … and, of course, the shadow of him in Ben Katz from Dr. Katz.

Home Movies and Dr. Katz are some of my all-time favorite secrets: shows so good I really don’t tell people because it’s MINE, dang it, and trying to explain it would just be a waste of time.

I didn’t see the premiere of Bob’s Burgers, but I can tell you: from that voice alone I will. Alone. So don’t tell anyone.



One thought on “Hello, old friend

  1. Bob’s burgers may be just what Fox needs. I’ll check it out. As for coach…”I’ll race” could have been the next Meatloaf epic!

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