Top 10 of 2010

Here’s The 10 Minute Ramble’s Top 10 Posts for 2010. That’s a lot of “T” words.

Maybe you read ‘em. Maybe you didn’t. If you did, Thanks. If you didn’t feel free to check ‘em out now.

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve, and let’s ramble some more in the near future. Like tomorrow, maybe.

  1. Why Wolverine is a good guy. As if you didn’t know …
  2. Classic 80s movies, “modernized” I’m kind of surprised they haven’t already done this.
  3. A little Dylan for the body.
  4. Ranking Wes Anderson films. This was before I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. But, the list pretty much stays the same, I think.
  5. 10 Really Bad Chick Flicks. Face it: have you ever seen a good one?
  6. Off topic movie review: Couple’s Retreat
  7. 24 things Jack Bauer can do after ’24’. This is the first post that landed on the front page of
  8. Thrift store find: “The Mad Scientists’ Club”. I love this book. I love finding it in a thrift store that much better.
  9. Top 5: John Cusack. No one carries a better boom box.
  10. New icons?

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