As we await Jim Morrison’s clemency …

As outgoing Florida governor Charlie Crist ponders the fate of poor Jim Morrison (see articles here and here), I thought it fitting to post this song about Paris’ most-visited grave.

(And yes, I realize I’ve posted this video before in another context.)

But let’s think about this: is pardoning Jim Morrison what’s best for Jim Morrison? Isn’t his whole deal about being the outlaw, the Lizard King, the one who wants to sleep with his mother and kill his father? Wouldn’t a guy like that WANT a conviction on exposing himself to a crowd in Miami 41 years ago?

And further, what’s this going to teach the children? Well, it teaches us all a valuable lesson: culture co-opts the fringe element and makes it mainstream. And once something gets into the mainstream, it eventually goes downstream (I’m copyrighting that, by the way; or at least putting it on a t-shirt. Or tweeting it. And secretly hoping it gets co-opted …).

So what’s the state of Florida really saying? “Eh … you’re just a jerk. And there’s no law against that.”

So congratulations, Jim Morrison … Charlie Crist and the state of Florida thinks you weren’t that big a deal after all.


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