Off-topic movie review: Takers

Saw the Heat/Italian Job ensemble crime drama du jour Takers at the cheap theater recently, and though it was enjoyable, two thoughts kept flashing through my mind:

  1. This is exactly what would’ve become of Stringer Bell if he hadn’t been killed by Omar and Brother Mouzone, that Nation of Islam-looking guy.
  2. Although he is versed in the genre, there’s a definite place for Matt Dillon as he gets older: he would make a perfect Lt. Frank Drebin if they were to ever re-boot the Naked Gun series. He plays his lines straight but, sometimes, you can’t help but laugh.

Oh, and by the way, the bad guys (though, predictably, not all of them) win.


One thought on “Off-topic movie review: Takers

  1. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Takers, but very little that’s right. It may not be the best film I have ever seen, but the thrills are good, and the film was very fun at points. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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