The 80s: Book of Love’s “Boy”

I dusted this song off on iTunes recently. I thought it was a cool then, and I still dig it now. I love the beat and the quirkiness and all that stuff, but the lyrics? Sketch …

I mean, here’s the first bridge:

It’s not my fault

that I’m not a boy

it’s not my fault

I don’t have those toys

Como? Si. I wonder what, exactly, are these “toys” she is referring to … is it something her family couldn’t afford …?

The second bridge doesn’t really clear up the matter, either:

And now it’s alright

Without those boys

I stay at home at night

And I play with my toys

OK, right, uhm … so now she has the same toys as boys? So, what, there was a sale on G.I. Joe’s?

Is it any wonder that the 1980s were so androgynously confusing? It is the same decade, after all, that gave us Boy George and George Michael. And Nick Rhodes wore more makeup than his wife, for Pete’s sake … on a weekday!

But still, those toys … that’s perplexing … clear up the mystery for me in the comment section below.

Anyway, I found this live version on everyone’s favorite video repository. What I like about this live video version is that, while the song is centered around a strong drum beat, there is actually no drum on the stage

Uh huh … uh huh … uh huh …


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