Nerd buyer’s remorse

Came across this card at a recent show I went to. According to the great site, this is part of a 55-card Series One set from 1966 by National Periodicals.

I had read about these cards and had been tempted by a few on eBay, but this is the first time I got to actually see one. So, of course, I bought it (how could I NOT?) … along with 10 others from a couple different sets from 1966.

I paid more than I probably should (though, a fair price if you shop around online), but on the ride home I got that familiar feeling … the one where that little voice in your head says, “You shouldn’t have done that … ”

I hate that voice. I mean, it’s good that it’s there, it’s kept me out of a lot of trouble, but sometimes … sometimes there’s a voice for its time and place …

Luckily, as the days have worn on, the voice has faded, and I’ve even pondered how to best go about completing the sets.

I think it’s kind of neat to have memorabilia that is actually older than I am. That’s getting to be a rare occurrence.

Anyway, here’s the others from Series 1, or, as the “cool” collector’s call it: “Black Bats.” These are actual scans from the cards, not copied and pasted from another site. And they aren’t in order. I’m not that advanced. If you got a line on others, let me know!


One thought on “Nerd buyer’s remorse

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