Nerd wear

Saw this design on a t-shirt while perusing past a vendor the other day. It made me stop and ponder: who benefits the most from this mashup?

Does the shirt cheapen the image and memory of a Cuban revolutionary and raise the cultural power of an entertainment property? Or does it cheapen the entertainment property by linking it to a controversial (albeit ubiquitous) personality?

Or, like most either/or problems, is it some mix of both?

Although, let’s be honest, how “revolutionary” and “controversial” can Che Guevara be when he’s got his own, officially-licensed Internet store (“For All Your Revolutionary Needs!”). Viva la revolucion! … Or should it be “Visa (MasterCard and Discover) la revolucion”?

In case you’re wondering, the shirt is now in my closet. I needed it to help me ponder the conundrum. Visa la Revolucion, indeed!


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