Free mp3: Elliott Smith

Is there a free download that’ll automatically make you more hip?

If so, this may be it. Elliott Smith’s “Between the Bars” is available from Amazon, as part of a promotion for the album An Introduction to Elliott Smith.

That’s a good title. And a good idea. Elliott Smith has been hanging around my periphery for too long.

My first brush with Smith was the haunting “Needle in the Hay” from The Royal Tenenbaums. Then came the Cat Stevens cover “Trouble” and the Big Star cover “13,” both from the Thumbsucker soundtrack.

I guess I keep bumping into him in the oddest of places. Movies, mostly.

But for all of this bumping, part of me thinks I like the idea of an Elliott Smith than the actual Elliott Smith. Is that possible? What does that mean, anyway?

I think there are artists we are supposed to like, if we view ourselves in a certain way, whether we really do like them or not. All genre of people have them. They’re the canon. Maybe Elliott Smith is one of them.

Possibly the way he died lends itself to this mystique …

Maybe he’s one of those artists that I’ll get into when I get the chance to give him the time I feel he deserves. Sometimes life is just too busy to learn a whole new language of music.

But, I guess I can start here.


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