Free mp3: The Pixies

Bulk up your indie street cred by downloading the Doolittle 20th Anniversary Live Sampler for free from The Pixies web site.

The downside? You have to give an e-mail address and then confirm it through that address. The upside? You’ve already got an e-mail account just for that situation.

The four-song live ep includes the following songs:

  1. Dancing the Manta Ray
  2. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  3. Crackity Jones
  4. Gouge Away

I’ll be honest … I don’t know too much about The Pixies, other than that song from Fight Club and from what I saw on the loudQUIETloud documentary(which is the video). I do know, however, that words like “influential” and “vital” and “before-their-time” get tossed around a lot so they’re worth investigating, at least.

So download the ep and increase your Pixie library. For me, that means 5 songs. Now, where do I go from here? It begs the question: If you were going to build a Pixies library, what songs would be included?


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