A syntactical Marvel

I followed the four-issue Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher arc, which is a rarity since I’m not a big fan of Marvel comics for some reason. Too sci-fi, I guess.

Anyway, in the third issue (cover pictured above), here’s the first page, which catches readers up on what’s happened thus far:

Here, take a closer look at the second paragraph:

“Patient Zero, the first know Infected, … ” Now, I know that it is hard to spot mistakes sometimes, but this slight mistake brings some questions to mind:

  • How many sets of eyeballs went through this before it went to press?
  • Did those eyeballs not like the story enough to proof it well?
  • Why should I like the story then?

It’s the little things that sometimes speak the loudest. Then again, in this age of text-speak and twitterature, does it really matter?

That’s the question that makes me marvel the most, because deep down know that the answer is probably “Kno.”


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