Green Goblin is a poser

Not sure why this thought popped up today, nor why it took so long to do so, but aren’t The Joker and the Green Goblin pretty much the same thing?

I know this isn’t a new thought, per se, but most people pondering this like to pit the two villains against each other. What I’m saying is that they are basically the same character: both are the yang to their opposite’s yin; both have an affinity for purple and green …

And, since Joker appeared in 1940 (in Batman #1) and Green Goblin first appeared in 1964 (in Spider-Man #14), we can see who influenced who.

I guess what I’m saying is that possibly Stan Lee’s genius lies in his creative marketing, not his creative characterization.

Kind of reminds me of that whole Batman/Iron Man revelation.


One thought on “Green Goblin is a poser

  1. I’ll give the Joker his due. He is the original, that being said, The Green Goblin made the movie Maximum Overdrive. I don’t think the Joker could have pulled that off.

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