I’ve got no idea who this blond lady is

So, I pulled a sketch card the other day from the Rittenhouse Archives collection of Spider-Man Archives. They’re very colorful cards. And thick, though I don’t know why that fact stands out to me. And they sometimes contain misspellings

Anyway, I’m not a big Spider-Man fan … in fact, I cannot recall ever reading an issue of Spider-Man. I did see all the movies (even that Spider-Man-as-Emo-kid third one). However, I have NO IDEA who this girl on the sketch card is. My first assumption was Mary Jane, but she’s always been a red head, right?

Anyway, if there’s someone out there who could enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.

Oh, by the way, the artist of the sketch card is Thony Sillas.

Anyway, please forgive my Spider-Man ignorance and respond in the comment section if you have any clue who this blond lady is. Thanks.

Other sketch cards.

Back of Card, in case you're curious


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