My first CD …

Came across Mylon & Broken Heart’s 1989 recording Big World the other day. It’s the first CD I ever bought. It’s got that Duran-Duran’s-Rio-meets-Miami-Vice-color vibe going on. And, as you can imagine, it sounds about the same — it’s all mullets, sunglasses and trench coats with an over-the-top 1:15 prologue.

Sigh. I love the 80s. Here’s the scans (click for closer look) … but keep scrolling — there’s a useless anecdote later.

Lyric sheet

Insert back

Useless anecdote: I bought this even before I owned a CD player. Call me an optimist. Anyway, I remember my father’s reaction to CDs. He asked, “Do you think this technology is going to stick around.”

I answered “Yes” then … but, 21 years later, with the rise of downloading, maybe he was on to something.

Either way, that’s the first CD I bought. Here’s my latest physical CD purchase:

My, how times change. Even so, like the CD says, “Listening to music is … Awesome!”


3 thoughts on “My first CD …

  1. This is right in line with Petra’s Beat the System, also released at the same time. By the way, I had 2 cds before I had my first cd player (a discman).

  2. I did the typical thing: I had no real possessions except for this four-component system that was really loud. LP, Dual-tape deck, CD player … mix tapes galore!

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