Random leaps in logic

So I dusted off DC Talk’s Free at Last recently and, I still thoroughly enjoy that album. Then, I listened to the band’s previous record, Nu Thang … and, it sounded a little too corny. There was no comparison. The difference between the production value, the maturity of the music, and persona of the performers, it made me come up with this comparison:

The leap in quality between Free at Last and the previous album is equal to the leap in quality between Kiss’  Destroyer and Dressed to Kill.

Destroyer, after all, set a new standard for Kiss at a pivotal time in their career (like DC Talk). It became a launching pad that brought the band recognition as not only a band, but a cultural force (like DC Talk). And eventually, because of that success (and other factors), the band broke up (like DC Talk).

Does that mean we have to wait 16 years for DC Talk to do a reunion tour (like Kiss)? If that’s the case, I guess we’ll see in 2016. I the meantime, remember this?


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