A common misperception

Oh, sure, they're laughing on the outside. They really just want to stab you.

Here’s the situation: your significant other’s friends look at you, smile or laugh, and then look at the love of your life and say, “Oh, how do you put up with this hahaha …”

Do NOT be fooled. This is not a compliment. They’re not laughing with you …

You’re tempted to hear this: “You’re funny!”

What they’re really saying is this: (to your significant other) “No, really, how does an intelligent person like you put up with this person who is clearly an idiot?”

Let me repeat: no matter how much laughter precedes or follows it, this is a literal statement.

Congratulations, you’re a jerk.

There, just wanted to clear that up. Think about this and have a good day.

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