Steve Buscemi, the new Don Knotts?

Saw Grown Ups recently, and, in addition to enjoying the movie in a Men-of-a-(Younger)-Certain-Age plus Not-Quite-So-Old-Dogs sort of way, I had this epiphany:

When, exactly did Steve Buscemi become Don Knotts?

Now, I like both Buscemi and Knotts, so I don’t consider this a slight in either direction. I don’t know if it’s the eyes, or the spastic movements, or delivery of the dialogue, but Buscemi was channeling his inner Barney in that movie.

Which made me ponder … if this is the case, it certainly opens up a few possibilities. Like this:

Or this:

Mr. Barney Pink … who doesn’t like to tip. I wonder if the bullet’s really in the front pocket …

And, it works in the other direction, too … after all, think of how interesting Andy Griffith would be.

Or Three’s Company:

Can anyone else see the likeness? What other Buscemi/Knotts combinations are there?

P.S. Here’s a note to all the Lebowski purists who may or may not read this: I know the picture and the line of dialogue don’t match. If I wanted to be accurate, I guess, the line would read “Come on, Barney, they were threatening castration.” … But that just didn’t seem right.


One thought on “Steve Buscemi, the new Don Knotts?

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought this. It dawned on me in “Fargo” when he was driving the car into Chicago, and thought to myself, man he is the modern day Barney Fife….lol Eases my mind that others think this as well..hahahaha

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