Pulitzer’s rolling in his grave … maybe

Saw this Kool-Aid commercial a while back and something made me look a little closer. Check out what the soda can is reading:

No, it’s not the New York Times … it’s something even better: The New York World.

The New York World is a paper that should be near and dear to any journalism historian/junkie/curiosity-seeker. The paper played a major role in forming the social construction we know as “news.”

"I am so offended ... but secretly smiling."

And it was Joseph Pulitzer who bought the paper in 1883 and moved from St. Louis to help turn journalism on its ear … with a little help from William Randolph Hearst.

And now it’s used as a New York Times look-a-like to sell juice. Part of me thinks Pulitzer would be offended. Part of me thinks he’d be satisfied. After all, what’s more sensational than having your newspaper used to sell something frivolous?

Either way, kudos to Kool-Aid. You may not know it, but you’re little spot could be a gateway to history.


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