Fantastic Mr. Steve Dignan Rushmore, esq.

(Note: File this under: “Posts I should have written last year.” Thanks.)

Finally got around to seeing Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, and while I want to watch it again and delve deeper, I couldn’t help but notice similarities in epiphanies, costuming/color, characterization, and plot points. It made me think of this graphic.


One thought on “Fantastic Mr. Steve Dignan Rushmore, esq.

  1. we just watched it. while i started to fall out of love with Anderson after Life Aquatic (Tenenbaums on a boat), i really disliked Darjeeling a lot. thought Fantastic Mr. Fox would be a nice change, what with animation and all, but it just pissed me off. it was pretty to look at. and that was it.

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