Spiderman Archives Oops

(File this under: “Everyone Makes Mistakes, but Nerds Point Them Out”)

Bought a pack of Rittenhouse Archives’ Spider-Man Archives yesterday (don’t judge). The set came out about a year ago. I don’t know why I bought the pack; I’m not a Spider-Man fan. However, Rittenhouse makes quality cards, and, while I’m currently in-between obsessive hunting trips, I got this pack.

One of the cards was #32, Scorpion. Never heard of him. Luckily though, the back of the card gives a description:

“Scorpion possesses enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and agility (greater than that of Spider-Man). His costume is made of a steel mesh and rubber, granting him excellent protection from attack, and a cybernetic tail which possesses various weaponry that has changed and been upgraded periodically. He tail can also be used as a spring or a crushing tool.”

What? He tail?

As a hack writer, here’s what I think happened. The original text said something like, “He also possesses a tail that can be used …” but in the interest of space (you can see another line wouldn’t fit), it was edited. After all the word “possesses” is already used twice. Also, the previous sentence seems like it was combined from two or three sentences.

The mistake probably wasn’t caught because people were already familiar with the original text as well as the desire to edit it. It was skimmed, it had all the right information, it fit the space. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. Pronoun/verb agreement isn’t on the radar.

This just proves two things:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, and,
  2. You’ve gotta know that people are going to spot them.

The big question is this: what does the mistake communicate?

That’s where you come in. Comment below.


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