Thanks a lot, California

For those who know me, I have fallen prey to a random purchase or two. The latest? These sweet Ramones glasses that I got a nearly a steal! (Don’t judge.)

After all, drinking a frosty Diet Coke is usually the best time to pay homage to those pioneers of punk, right?

However, upon closer inspection (read: right before putting them into the dishwasher), I found this pasted on the bottom of the glass:

“Prop 65: WARNING

The materials used as colored decorations on the exterior of this product contain lead and/or cadmium chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

Well, thanks a LOT California, you human paraquat. I’ll bet you guys were the ones behind the whole Shrek glass fiasco a few months ago (A-ha! I knew it!)

That does beg the question: if I’m not IN the State of California, are the glasses still harmful? And if I’ve already been birthed … does that mean I’m in the clear?

Of course, what could be MORE in the spirit of anarchic punk than poisoning the mall crowd with the very commercialism that brought down punk in the first place?

If putting your name and likeness on a pint glass is a sign of selling out, then poisoning those glasses and selling it to a poser audience helps regains punk cred, right? How very Tyler Durden of you.

As I ponder this larger issue, I’ll ask you a minor detail: what should happen the glasses?


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