Off-topic movie review: 500 Days of Summer

Got around to watching 500 Days of Summer recently and can’t figure it out … Is this movie about some idiot who can’t learn his lesson? Is it about how women are evil the source of all the world’s ills? (Thanks a lot, Eve!)* Or is it about some hopeless romantic who likes to play the long shot?

Or is it all three?

*(OK, before the squawking begins, I know that women are NOT evil and that the Summer character took on the traditional MALE role of “no commitments,” which is a reversal of the stereotype … and which may be one of the reasons the movie is a standout … and which may be truer to life than most care to admit … but I digress)

Anyway, I know I’ve seen this scene/restaurant before:

Was it in When Harry Met Sally? Or was it Fight Club when Tyler tries to tell Marla the real deal? I get two movies confused sometimes.

And it was interesting to see Los Angeles itself played such a prominent role in the film … usually, it seems, movies that celebrate a city are set in New York. Although Steve Martin’s L.A. Story would be an exception. You can tell me all the others below …

Plus, the movie has a great soundtrack (here’s a full listing). And that can go a long way — even for romantic idiots and the hateful witches they fall for!


4 thoughts on “Off-topic movie review: 500 Days of Summer

  1. haven’t seen the movie yet, but i am sure your review is more on target than any written by those paid to do so. Hmmm, am I on to something there?

  2. This movie would have been better if it had ended with a murder, or murder and suicide (See the Virgin Suicides). Decent movie none the less.

    • I liked it good enough for a library rental (no skips!) … it was good to see the store clerk from “Garden State” move up to a card company.

      Thanks for reading!

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