Free mp3: Madness

There was a time in the last century when this band playing this ska-ish music came out of nowhere (or England) to produce quirky little ditties certain people liked to dance to.

Well, here’s to quirky little ditties produced by bands from a long time ago.

The band is Madness and the new single is “Dust Devils,” which you can get for free as part of some Amazon sampler. I’ve included the link to the whole sampler, which has songs by Restless Kelly, Nick Lowe, The Apples in Stereo, Rev. Horton Heat and others.

But it’s Madness that caught my eye. It’s kind of the companion throwback piece to that Echo and the Bunnymen from a while back.

Anyway, get the single. Dance. Repeat. It’s free, after all.


2 thoughts on “Free mp3: Madness

  1. Only thought really, where do you find or file all this stuff? You must have quite a large memory warehouse, where is mine is too full and constantly being renovated down. One of the joys of aging!

    • The key to finding or filing this stuff in your memory? When you talk about it, try to be as vague as possible without sounding like it!

      Thanks for reading bro!

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