Rediscovering Young MC’s “Know How”

Saw the movie Whip It recently and one of the most surprising things was (re)discovering this track from Young MC. I pretty much went straight from the movie to iTunes and downloaded it.

Some of the busiest rhymes ever made by man
Are goin’ into this mic, written by this hand
Comin’ out of this mouth, made by this tongue
I’ll tell you now my name my name is Young …

Oh snap … is that the theme from Shaft? (Oh snap … did I just say “Oh snap”?) Funky. Funky. Funky.

The song pretty much makes you close your eyes, scrunch up your face, and bob your head. It’s OK. You can admit it.

The song is a perfect cap to a pretty solid, 57-song soundtrack. Conveniently compiled here.


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