Off-topic movie review: Shrek Forever

If I were going to boil down Shrek Forever‘s theme in music video form, it would be this one:

I’m not exactly sure why the fourth installment of the Shrek franchise received such bad reviews: it’s the FOURTH movie. What did you expect?

Name another non-horror movie franchise (other than Bond, Amy) that lasted four or more movies. Were all of them great? Do I need to remind anyone of The Phantom Menace?

Anyway, it was good to see/hear Craig Robinson in the film. His role in Shrek Forever is another sign that he’s steadily breaking out of The Office and coming into his own. Between hosting NBC’s Last Comic Standing and co-starring in Hot Tub Time Machine, Robinson is hitting all the key demographics: college dorm guys (Hot Tub) “hip” parents (Shrek) and the three people who actually watched Last Comic Standing.

His role in Shrek also allows us to play the game: Who’s the next “break out” from The Office? Here are the top 5 “Breakout” Cast Members from The Office:

1. Steve Carrell
2. Rainn Wilson
3. Craig Robinson
4. Josh Krasinski
5. That dude who used to be on The Daily Show and was in The Hangover

What order would you place them in, and, subquestion: is this the most successful crossover ensemble cast? More successful (in translating TV stardom to general popular acceptance) than Friends? Seinfeld?

Who’s next? I’m pulling for Kevin and his Police cover band… but that’s a little off-topic …


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