Music hardly heard: Poole

I’m not depressed / I’m just sad

To this day, that lyric runs laps around my noggin for days at a time. I love the song and I love this album. It’s an album I special ordered for a friend … which may not mean anything to you, but it means the album (and the friend) were very special.

And still is/are.

Poole’s Alaska Days is 15 years old this year but it hasn’t aged too much. Although many point to the band’s third album, Among Whom We Shine, as its most polished, the first one has a definite place in my heart. It captures the same raw energy that fuels many of the indie bands today.

I never saw them live, although I do remember seeing a concert flyer on a record store window near Five Points in Atlanta during Atlanta Fest. I should have gone to see them, but I wasn’t as spontaneous in 1995 that I like to believe I am today.

Plus, if memory serves, it was the same night that The Throes were going to take the stage and I really loved The Throes. (Those who know the history of the band should recognize the irony … if you don’t click here for a little history or here for a little perspective [and free music]). For the record, that night was the third time I saw The Throes (our of four) … and they were excellent.

I picked up the album later that summer at a Camelot Music in Charlotte, N.C., and pretty much loved it at first listen.

And I hope you do, too.

What bands do you hold dear that no one ever caught on to? Or, have you heard of Poole? What’s your Poole memory?

(This video was originally found on the band’s MySpace page. I hope they won’t take it from You Tube, though)


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