Off-topic movie review: Robin Hood

Saw the latest Robin Hood last night and one of the best things I can say about it that it made me want to watch Russell Crowe’s State of Play again.

King of France

Went on to build The Village

Bad Guy

The prequel features the bad guy from Sherlock Holmes going through pillaging England, while that guy who built The Village tries to warn the newly-crowned King of England that some boy-band looking guy from France is going to attack.

Robin, through some twist of fate, returns from the Crusades with the King’s crown and poses as another man’s son, so his land won’t get taken, a little bit akin to the Richard Gere-Jodie Foster Civil War mistaken identity romance Somersby.

An orphan since age 6, Robin finds out his dad was a part-time philosopher (posing as a full-time mason, I mean, even a philosopher’s gotta eat, right?) who was beheaded for saying that all men deserve liberty. I guess his dad had the idea for what eventually became the Magna Carta or something.

Robin uses this new-found take on philosophy to garner the troops in England and get the new king to promise to give men liberty (hoo-ray!), but the King eventually changes his mind and then makes Robin a fugitive (boo!).

Oh, and Robin eventually shoots the bad guy basically in the back.


In the background are these marauding orphans who reminded me of a cross between Peter Pan’s Lost Boys and Where the Wild Things Are.

I never thought I’d say this, but Kevin Costner, where hast thou gone? Mel Brooks, where is thy sting?


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