Which is the better Cusack movie?

Saw that iTunes had America’s Sweethearts (2001) for $4.99 this week and it got me thinking: which is a better John Cusack movie – America’s Sweethearts or Serendipity?

Now I realize this isn’t an earth-shaking choice, neither of these movies fall into what I call the “gospels” of the John Cusack Canon. Those, of course, are The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, Say Anything, Gross Point Blank, and High Fidelity … which, in terms of an accurate metaphor, would probably be more of a Pentateuch than Gospels … but I digress.

The two movies in question would probably be more of a minor prophet or small epistle, but placing them in a hierarchy is still something to do on a hot summer day.

Matchups to consider as you ponder your vote:

  1. Leading lady: Julia Roberts vs. Kate Beckinsale
  2. Comic foil: Hank Azaria vs. Eugene Levy
  3. Best friend: Billy Crystal vs. Jeremy Piven
  4. Jilted: Catherine Zeta-Jones vs. Bridget Moynihan
  5. Philosophy: Karma vs. Kismet
  6. City: Hollywood vs. New York
  7. Seasons: Summer vs. Christmas
  8. Spiritual guide: Alan Arkin vs. Molly Shannon
  9. Wild card: Christopher Walken

OK, enough thinking. Now vote and don’t forget to comment and explain your choice.


One thought on “Which is the better Cusack movie?

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