Off-topic movie review: Kick Ass

Saw the violedy (violent comedy … trying out a new category) Kick Ass recently and though the whole “pre-teen-uses-the-‘c’-word” shock garnered the film some repute, I was more struck by how Nic Cage channeled the spirit of Adam West in his portrayal of Big Daddy.

Now, I’m not the first one to note this, in fact, Cage more or less admits it himself, but it was enough for me to go rewatch to the original Batman: The Movie (1966) and re-live the glory that is Adam West.

The beauty of Adam West is that you’re not quite sure if he knows he’s acting. When watching his portrayal of Bruce Wayne and the Caped Crusader, you have the feeling that even off camera, Adam West is still in character.

Which, in some weird way, makes Adam West the greatest actor of all time.

For what is acting but making you believe that the person on screen is the actual person being portrayed?

But that may be a little off-topic …

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