5 Question Friday: Scott Shuffitt

Scott Shuffitt is a renaissance man. He’s an author, filmmaker, artist, father, husband, and, sometimes, a clothing model.

Oh, and he’s also a founding member of Lebowski Fest, the foremost festival celebrating everything Lebowski. And that’s his DAY job …

In short, he’s an Acheiver in the classic sense … not necessarily in the slacker, keeping-the-mind-limber sense. At least, not all the time.

He proudly resides in Louisville, where he’s in production for his feature-length documentary and getting ready for a gallery show. However, today, from his swank artist-rich bunker, he was kind enough to answer this week’s “5 Question Friday.”

1. Yes or No?

98% of the time, yes.

2. What’s your documentary, Save Indie, about and can you give away the ending?

The doc is about indie record shops. We have a great one here in Louisville, ear X-tacy. Back in February the owner announced that he may have to close due to slow sales. This got me to thinking about how important these shops are to the communities that they serve. It’s really a global thing and goes back to if you want culture in your community you really have to champion it and fight for it.

3. Using more than one but less than 10 words, how would you describe your art?

The challenge of bringing an idea to life.

4. What makes Louisville different from any other place in the world?

Wow, this one is tough. I mean we have the Ohio River and it is really where the city came from. You know the Falls of the Ohio and all that stuff. I like the history. I like that I can see a friend at a stop light or walking down the street. On the flip side of that I would like to see Louisville be more mindful of pedestrians and bike riders and we gotta get some light rail going.

5. Have you ever looked around and asked yourself, “What the heck am I doing here?”

Yes I have …

In case you were too lazy to click the links before …

This is about Scott Shuffitt’s show at Gallery M

That is about Save Indie, the documentary

The other thing is his website, where you can see more artwork.


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